Mal­te­ser Hilfs­dienst reli­es on HOTSPLOTS for Wi-Fi solutions

Mal­te­ser Hilfs­dienst and hot­splots GmbH have fina­li­sed an agree­ment: should any of the 600 loca­ti­ons of the Mal­te­ser Hilfs­dienst in Ger­ma­ny requi­re a Wi-Fi solu­ti­on it will be pro­vi­ded by the Ber­lin-based inter­net spe­cia­list HOTSPLOTS.

Elder­ly care, hos­pi­ce work, first aid, emer­gen­cy ser­vices, refu­gee aid, youth work, drug help and health sup­port are among the ran­ge of acti­vi­ties of the Mal­te­ser Hilfs­dienst in Ger­ma­ny. The non-govern­men­tal cha­ri­ta­ble orga­ni­sa­ti­on ope­ra­tes a nati­on­wi­de net­work of about 600 loca­ti­ons of dif­fe­rent sizes, inclu­ding hos­pi­tals. Near­ly 50 loca­ti­ons alrea­dy bene­fit from a HOTSPLOTS Wi-Fi solu­ti­on. Based on the recent­ly con­clu­ded agree­ment, more than 500 addi­tio­nal ones could fol­low, which offer free inter­net access via Wi-Fi to employees and vol­un­te­ers as well as peop­le being cared for.

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