Free WiFi in the buses of ÜSTRA in Hannover

Sin­ce Sep­tem­ber 1, free WiFi has been available for pas­sen­gers on all ÜSTRA bus lines and on the SprintH buses of regio­bus lines 500 and 700.

hot­splots Gmbh, spe­cia­list for WiFi solu­ti­ons in public trans­port, was sel­ec­ted by ÜSTRA in the cour­se of a ten­der pro­ce­du­re. In addi­ti­on to inter­net access, pas­sen­gers can now also dis­play “Fahr­gast­fern­se­hen” right on their smart­phone screens. The latest news from and for Hano­ver are shown direct­ly via the WiFi portal.

In the future, „Fahr­gast­fern­se­hen“ will also be available via a sepa­ra­te “FGF App”. Bes­i­des the latest news, this app will also offer easy access to the free WiFi for pas­sen­gers. Fur­ther­mo­re, users will be able to save the con­tents. In fur­ther deve­lo­p­ment stages, new inter­ac­tion pos­si­bi­li­ties and fur­ther fea­tures are planned.

Press release by ÜSTRA (only available in German)

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