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Youth hos­tels

“Most young peo­p­le take mobi­le inter­net access for gran­ted — with HOTSPLOTS we offer our guests a relia­ble sys­tem, which is also in ope­ra­ti­on in the Meck­len­burg-Vor­pom­mern towns of Burg Star­gard, See­bad Herings­dorf, War­ne­mün­de and Wismar.”

Den­nis Bross­eit, Mana­ger Youth Hos­tel Prora

Win over a young audience

Smart­phones, tablets and lap­tops are an inte­gral part of the day-to-day lives of child­ren and young peo­p­le. This also includes con­ti­nuous avai­la­bi­li­ty of access to the inter­net. On class trips or excur­si­ons, their own mobi­le cre­dit can quick­ly disappear.

This inten­si­ve usa­ge beha­viour and the desi­re for fast, pre­fer­a­b­ly free WiFi shapes the requi­re­ments of youth hos­tels and other accom­mo­da­ti­on for young peo­p­le. With WiFi solu­ti­ons from HOTSPLOTS, you can over­co­me any chall­enge and inte­gra­te other ser­vices for the user. Thanks to HOTSPLOTS VPN rou­ting, you are ful­ly pro­tec­ted against the legal con­se­quen­ces of misu­se of your hot­spot. And with the HOTSPLOTS media solu­ti­ons, you can save on con­sump­ti­on of data volu­mes with local­ly stored data or for exam­p­le offer attrac­ti­ve infor­ma­ti­on about your regi­on free of char­ge (HOTSPLOTS Tou­rist Info).

Of cour­se, you are in con­trol of the tariff and types of access at all times – the HOTSPLOTS sys­tem offers you fle­xi­ble opti­ons and settings.

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