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Your out­door hotspot

Cam­ping sites are very popu­lar with both young and old and for many peo­p­le they are a fix­tu­re in their holi­day plan­ning. Of cour­se, a trip like that comes with ple­nty of snapshots that peo­p­le want to share with fami­ly and fri­ends. A WiFi hot­spot is the­r­e­fo­re very popu­lar with the­se holi­day­makers, too.

HOTSPLOTS would be hap­py to equip your cam­ping site with a mobi­le solu­ti­on. Our experts will give you on-site advice and look for the best pos­si­ble solu­ti­on for your faci­li­ties. The cos­ts are often lower than you would ima­gi­ne, thanks to our natio­nal ser­vice and part­ner net­work, and instal­la­ti­on is easy and flexible.

Easy, secu­re and flexible

With WiFi solu­ti­ons from HOTSPLOTS, you can over­co­me any chall­enge and inte­gra­te other ser­vices for the user as well. Thanks to HOTSPLOTS VPN rou­ting, you are ful­ly pro­tec­ted against the legal con­se­quen­ces of misu­se of your hotspot.

Our ser­vice also com­pri­ses manage­ment of various access models (free of char­ge to your guests, based on loca­ti­on tickets or, if you pre­fer, a mix­tu­re of the two).

In addi­ti­on, HOTSPLOTS makes it pos­si­ble to enhan­ce the ser­vice to your guests even fur­ther with a choice of media pro­ducts. Offer the added value of regio­nal tou­rist infor­ma­ti­on or enter­tai­ning TV con­tent on your hotspot.

Wha­te­ver you choo­se, HOTSPLOTS will help you to con­cen­tra­te on your busi­ness. We will take care of ever­y­thing rela­ting to your WiFi hotspots.

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