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Halls of residence

“The stu­dents bene­fit from the abili­ty to surf the inter­net wit­hout a con­tract, and they use it accor­din­gly. Resi­dents at our stu­dent hall have afforda­ble inter­net access at home as well. Natu­ral­ly, that makes us more attrac­ti­ve to poten­ti­al resi­dents — and that can only be good for business.”

Ulri­ke Gae­de­cke of Laves GbR in Hano­ver, stu­dent resi­dence management

Living tog­e­ther

Resi­dents in stu­dent accom­mo­da­ti­on and halls of resi­dence often have a wide social net­work. That makes it all the more important to have fle­xi­ble and effi­ci­ent tech­ni­cal net­works, so that sett­ling in, living and stu­dy­ing all run smoothly.

With HOTSPLOTS WiFi solu­ti­ons, you can offer rapid and fle­xi­ble inter­net access to all your resi­dents. Our ser­vice for ope­ra­tors of stu­dent accom­mo­da­ti­on and halls of resi­dence ran­ges from com­pre­hen­si­ve plan­ning of the indi­vi­du­al tech­ni­cal requi­re­ments through to direct user sup­port during ongo­ing operation.

Our full ser­vice covers instal­la­ti­on of the appro­pria­te hard­ware and plan­ning of sca­lable solu­ti­ons. We are able to bund­le ser­ver con­nec­tions, achie­ve hig­her per­for­mance through load balan­cing and ensu­re the secu­ri­ty of the net­work in public ope­ra­ti­on. The high usa­ge den­si­ty in stu­dent accom­mo­da­ti­on makes cor­re­spon­ding demands on the available data rate and the hard­ware used. HOTSPLOTS knows the par­ti­cu­lar requi­re­ments and offers you sca­lable solu­ti­ons with com­pre­hen­si­ve ser­vice and support.

WiFi – but secure!

The ques­ti­on of secu­ri­ty always crops up in rela­ti­on to public net­works with high traf­fic. HOTSPLOTS not only pro­tects the users and their data, but also offers secu­ri­ty to site ope­ra­tors. If requi­red, HOTSPLOTS can also pro­vi­de the inter­net con­nec­tion and is the­r­e­fo­re the first port of call for public aut­ho­ri­ties, wha­te­ver their needs.

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