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Hot­spot operation

Do I have to pay for the usa­ge of my own hotspot?

No, of cour­se not. The ope­ra­tor can use his hot­spots for free. Fur­ther­mo­re he can make a list of free users. This way, friends, girl friends or flat mates don’t have to pay eit­her — inde­pen­dent of the cho­sen tariff.

How does the bil­ling work for hot­spot operators?

With each usa­ge of a hot­spot, that is not free of char­ge, the hot­spot operator’s share is cal­cu­la­ted. At the begin­ning of a new calen­dar mon­th, the paya­ble credit balan­ce is updated.

You can trans­fer your inco­me to your bank account. The mini­mum amount for bank trans­fer is EUR 10.00.

Alter­na­tively you can use the money to pay for loca­ti­on tickets for reselling.

How do I print tickets with my com­pany’s own logo?

As ope­ra­tor of a WLAN hot­spot you can down­load loca­ti­on tickets (vou­chers) as PDF files. You can print the­se yourself and give them to your local cus­to­mers. You can choo­se bet­ween tickets to sell or tickets to give away for free to your estee­med cus­to­mers or guests.

The PDF files are opti­mi­zed for prin­ting on card tem­pla­tes (85 x 55 mm) as they are offe­red by Sigel. No cut­ting is necessa­ry. This is a cost-saving way to pro­du­ce valu­able tickets. But the big­gest advan­ta­ge is that this way you can use the tickets as adver­ti­sing mate­ri­al for your own company.

You can put your logo or com­pany’s infor­ma­ti­on on the tickets: Upload an image file with your own design to our ser­ver. You can choo­se out of several pre­cast lay­outs whe­re this image will be auto­ma­ti­cal­ly inser­ted. It must not be lar­ger than 80 x 20 mm to fit into the ticket layouts.

If the posi­tio­ning an the card tem­pla­tes fails, plea­se check the pro­per­ties of your prin­ter dri­ver first.

If the bor­ders of your prin­touts don’t fit the card tem­pla­tes, you can com­pen­sa­te this error buy set­ting cor­rec­tion values for the x- and y‑direction on the page whe­re you choo­se your ticket tem­pla­te. For fur­ther ques­ti­ons plea­se con­sult your prin­ter manual.

Can I return loca­ti­on tickets?

Yes. Go to the cus­to­mer area and choo­se the menu item “Loca­ti­on tickets”. Click “Opti­ons” for the tickets you want to return.

In the top part of the fol­lowing page you can chan­ge some pro­per­ties, which have no influ­ence on the pri­ce HOTSPLOTS char­ges for the tickets, which more often than not makes retur­ning the tickets unne­cessa­ry. For the cases this is not suf­fi­ci­ent you will find the but­ton “Return tickets” at the bot­tom of the page.

Any amount alrea­dy char­ged for retur­ned or still unused tickets will be sett­led with the next invoice for loca­ti­on tickets or run­ning con­tracts. The retur­ned tickets of the sheet will then beco­me invalid.

Do I have to wri­te down names of ticket customers?

No. In the EU the­re ist no legal obli­ga­ti­on to record per­so­nal data of ticket customers.

Are the­re ser­vice accounts with limi­ted access for ticket management?

An exis­ting cus­to­mer account allows the crea­ti­on of sub­ac­counts with limi­ted user rights. This may be use­ful in such cases when, for examp­le, a hotel mana­ger wants to enab­le employees or the ser­vice per­son­nel to crea­te loca­ti­on tickets without giving them com­ple­te access to all func­tions of the hot­spot management.

At the bot­tom of the form under “My cus­to­mer data” in the cus­to­mer area you can find a link to regis­ter a ser­vice account.

The new account is then lin­ked to the “parent account”. After log­ging in to the ser­vice account all ticket func­tions of the “parent account”, such as prin­ting or reor­de­ring tickets, can be used. Mana­ging hot­spots, chan­ges to the set­tings or using hot­spots are not pos­si­ble with such an account.

How can I check whe­ther VPN rou­ting is on?

Hot­spot ope­ra­tors can check the func­tio­n­a­li­ty of VPN rou­ting in three ways:

  1. If you are con­nec­ted to your own WLAN hot­spot, you can open iptest.hotsplots.de with any web brow­ser. On this page your public IP is shown and whe­ther VPN rou­ting is acti­ve or not.
  2. The sta­tus of the VPN con­nec­tion is shown under menu items Sta­tus and VPN rou­ting in the hot­spot rou­ter’s web interface.
  3. In the cus­to­mer area under menu item My hot­spots in the row labe­led “VPN-Rou­ting” it is shown whe­ther VPN rou­ting is acti­ve or not. For acti­ve VPN con­nec­tions date and time of the last VPN accoun­ting ent­ry is given as well as the IP adress of the VPN server.
What infor­ma­ti­on is stored at usa­ge of VPN routing?

After con­nec­ting to or dis­con­nec­ting from the VPN ser­ver times­tamp, hot­spot name, IP address of the VPN ser­ver, the hot­spo­t’s public IP and VPN IP address are saved tog­e­ther with the amount of trans­fe­red data.

After logout data that is not nee­ded for bil­ling pur­po­ses is tem­pora­ri­ly stored for tech­ni­cal main­ten­an­ce and sup­port. In an effort to reach an opti­mum bet­ween pri­va­cy pro­tec­tion and qua­li­ty of ser­vice we go clear­ly below the legal limit of seven days [March 2017]. At the moment [March 2017] we dele­te the­se data after three days.

All data that is nee­ded for bil­ling pur­po­ses is dele­ted mon­th­ly if it is older than five mon­ths and the bill is paid without objection.

Plea­se noti­ce the data pro­tec­tion poli­cy of our web­site too.

Is HOTSPLOTS regis­tered with the Bun­des­netz­agen­tur (Federal Net­work Agency)?

Of cour­se. hot­splots GmbH was regis­tered with the Bun­des­netz­agen­tur for its offer of com­mer­cial telecom­mu­ni­ca­ti­on ser­vices for the public in accordance with § 6 Tele­kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­ge­setz (TKG — Telecom­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons Act) under the regis­tra­ti­on num­ber 05/423 in 2005.

Equal­ly natu­ral­ly HOTSPLOTS com­plies with the obli­ga­ti­on to crea­te and main­tain a secu­ri­ty con­cept accord­ing to § 109 TKG.

Like any pro­vi­der offe­ring char­ge­ab­le time-based tariffs accord­ing to § 45g TKG HOTSPLOTS is requi­red to pro­ve the cor­rect­ness of the con­nec­tion rate cal­cu­la­ti­on. For this rea­son, HOTPLOTS has its­elf audi­ted by a publicly appoin­ted and sworn expert for telecom­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and con­nec­tion rate cal­cu­la­ti­on every year. Eva­lua­ti­on and audit report are then che­cked by the Bundesnetzagentur.

Do I get a regu­lar receipt?

Yes. For the sake of the envi­ron­ment and becau­se it’s sim­ply con­ve­ni­ent and inex­pen­si­ve, we offer down­loading as a PDF file as standard.

In order to pay off VAT in credits or wri­te invoices without VAT for cus­to­mers in the EU, we need the cus­to­mer’s VAT iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on num­ber in advance.

Does HOTSPLOTS also offer Inter­net connections?

Yes. In the con­text of so-cal­led hot­spot pro­vi­sio­ning con­tracts HOTSPLOTS acts as the ope­ra­tor of the local hot­spot net­work and acti­va­tes Inter­net con­nec­tions in its own name to ope­ra­te the hot­spot. This works sta­tio­na­ry with DSL con­nec­tions, fib­re optic or coaxi­al cable as well as SIM cards for mobi­le pho­ne networks.

I have several hot­spots. How can I add dif­fe­rent bil­ling addresses?

If you have various bil­ling addres­ses you need one user account for each bil­ling address. The­re­fo­re, you should crea­te dif­fe­rent user accounts befo­re set­ting up the hot­spots and link them to the respec­ti­ve account.

For ques­ti­ons and moving a hot­spot to a dif­fe­rent user account plea­se con­ta­ct our con­tract manage­ment team.

How can I abro­ga­te the HOTSPLOTS service?

You can dele­te you cus­to­mer account sim­ply with a mou­se click in the Cus­to­mer area. If you have acti­ve con­tracts plea­se can­cel the­se con­tracts in writ­ten form.

We recom­mend to dele­te your hot­spots befo­re you dele­te your account. In the cus­to­mer area under My hot­spots you find a but­ton at the bot­tom of the page, whe­re pre­fe­re­ren­ces of the hot­spot, like tariff, are set, cal­led “dele­te this hotspot”.

Plea­se con­si­der that the inco­me of a hot­spot will be credi­ted to your account on the 1st of the fol­lowing mon­th. You can with­draw you paya­ble inco­me under My account > Pay out.

To dele­te your account final­ly, plea­se go to Per­so­nal data in the cus­to­mer area and click on “Click here to dele­te your mem­bers­hip”. Your account will be immedia­te­ly deac­ti­va­ted after pres­sing the con­fir­ma­ti­on but­ton “Yes, dele­te account”.
Plea­se con­si­der, that remai­ning balan­ce you might have on your account, will be lost.

How do I find the MAC address of my device (Android, iOS)?

You can find the MAC address in the set­tings of your mobi­le device. You can down­load a short inst­ruc­tion for various Android and iOS ver­si­ons here: Quick Gui­de MAC address

What shall I do with a defec­ti­ve device?

Plea­se call our sup­port team. You can con­ta­ct us at +49 30 29 77 348–0 (week­days Mon­day-Fri­day, 08:00 — 20:00).
Plea­se have the seri­al num­ber of the device and/or the deli­very bill rea­dy. If the device has to be sent in for tech­ni­cal inspec­tion, a return bill will be sent to you. This must be com­ple­ted and enc­lo­sed with the hard­ware ship­ment. Plea­se coor­di­na­te each return ship­ment in advan­ce by tele­pho­ne in order to obtain the man­da­to­ry pro­cess num­ber.
Ship­ments which can­not be assi­gned, e.g. becau­se of mis­sing tran­sac­tion num­ber or insuf­fi­ci­ent­ly fil­led out return bill, will be sent back with cos­ts (39,00 € net expen­se fee).

Is it pos­si­ble for users to log in with mul­ti­ple devices at the same time?

The­re is no limi­ta­ti­on on the num­ber of users log­ged in at the same time using Direct-Log­in.
For loca­ti­on tickets, the maxi­mum num­ber of simul­ta­ne­ous users can be selec­ted. Tickets that can be used with several devices, i.e. by several peop­le at the same time, are cal­led “group tickets”. For hot­spots with a time-based dai­ly tariff, the opti­on can be acti­va­ted that a maxi­mum of three devices can log in at the same time. Plea­se con­ta­ct our sup­port for this option.

Is it pos­si­ble that users do not have to log in to the hot­spot each time again?

Yes. We can acti­va­te the “Auto-Log­in” fea­ture in the hot­spot set­tings. Then devices with a known MAC address are auto­ma­ti­cal­ly log­ged in. The MAC addres­ses are stored for a cer­tain time after a log­in. Cur­r­ent­ly [Decem­ber 2021], the fol­lowing time peri­ods can be defined:

  •     1 day limited
  •     2 days limi­ted or continuous
  •     3 days limi­ted or continuous
  •     4 days limi­ted or continuous
  •     5 days limi­ted or continuous
  •     6 days limi­ted or continuous
  •     7 days limi­ted or continuous
  •     30 days limi­ted or continuous
  •     42 days limi­ted or continuous

If the time peri­od is “limi­ted”, it expi­res inde­pendent­ly of auto­ma­tic log­ins. If the peri­od is “con­ti­nuous”, it starts anew with each auto­ma­tic log­in.
For peri­ods excee­ding 7 days, the user’s con­sent must be obtai­ned by ticking a box.
The Auto-Log­in fea­ture can be com­bi­ned with the Direct-Log­in tariffs, dai­ly tariffs, with Loca­ti­on Tickets and also with Fle­xiF­lat and Loca­tion­F­lats.
The func­tion is not avail­ab­le with time tariffs, which are bil­led by minu­te, and volu­me tariffs, which are bil­led by the mega­byte, as the user would other­wi­se lose con­trol of the cos­ts if he does not actively log out.
The “Auto-Log­in” func­tio­n­a­li­ty is avail­ab­le at no addi­tio­nal cost. Plea­se con­ta­ct our sup­port for this option.


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