WiFi hot­spot on the bus – free trial

HOTSPLOTS offers a three-month test peri­od for pas­sen­ger WiFi with BOSCH Coach Media Router

Pas­sen­ger WiFi and the HOTSPLOTS Tele­me­try ser­vice are now offe­red to bus ope­ra­tors to be used free of char­ge for three months.

Pre­re­qui­si­te for using the tri­al peri­od is an instal­la­ti­on of the Bosch Coach Media Rou­ter (BCMR) as WiFi rou­ter in the own bus­ses. Equip­ped with its own SIM card and con­nec­ted to a LTE anten­na, the test peri­od for the WiFi ser­vices can be star­ted imme­dia­te­ly by the operator.

During the three months peri­od, pas­sen­gers can surf the Inter­net via the vehicle’s WiFi hot­spot. With Direct-Log­in, pas­sen­gers can instant­ly get access to the Inter­net by a sin­gle click and use the ser­vice free of charge.

In addi­ti­on to the free ser­vice for pas­sen­gers, bus ope­ra­tors bene­fit from exten­si­ve sta­tis­ti­cal data on hot­spot usa­ge and free access to HOTSPLOTS Tele­me­try during the test peri­od. As a basic fleet manage­ment ser­vice, HOTSPLOTS Tele­me­try for ins­tance enables ope­ra­tors to eva­lua­te the signal strength of the mobi­le net­work con­nec­tion along the rou­tes travelled.

Bus­world Europe

Visit our WiFi experts from HOTSPLOTS at the Bus­world in Brussels from 18 to 23 Octo­ber. We will be pre­sen­ting the Try&Buy pro­mo­ti­on at the BOSCH stand (Hall 5, Stand 518).

The free tri­al peri­od ends auto­ma­ti­cal­ly after the three months have expi­red. Accor­din­gly, a can­cel­la­ti­on by the bus ope­ra­tor is not neces­sa­ry. Addi­tio­nal cos­ts may ari­se for the SIM card used by the bus ope­ra­tor, which depend on the respec­ti­ve provider.

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