The HOTSPLOTS tariff system

HOTSPLOTS pro­vi­des you with a varie­ty of ways to offer your visi­tors con­ve­ni­ent and secu­re Inter­net access. In all cases, you deci­de the tariff for your hot­spot and whe­ther your users access the Inter­net free of char­ge or by pay­ing a fee. Hybrid vari­ants which enable both free and paid access are also available.

Free access for your users – limi­t­ed or unli­mi­t­ed – the FreeRa­te variant

You set the tariffs for Wi-Fi access, and recei­ve the lar­gest share of the pro­ceeds. No extra effort, no month­ly fee, and no mini­mum tur­no­ver.
Your per­so­nal cus­to­mer log­in gives you an over­view of sales deve­lo­p­ment at all times. HOTSPLOTS takes care of all bil­ling and secu­ri­ty issues for you.
You can chan­ge your tariffs at any time, as you are best posi­tio­ned to know what is appro­pria­te. HOTSPLOTS offers a wide ran­ge of tariff vari­ants, based on both Inter­net sur­fing time and data con­sump­ti­on. Natu­ral­ly, your employees can also surf the Net free of char­ge. For users who pre­fer to pay cash ins­tead of using the con­ve­ni­ent online pay­ment opti­ons, you can sim­ply pro­vi­de loca­ti­on tickets (Inter­net vou­ch­ers) you can crea­te in your HOTSPLOTS cus­to­mer area. You do not need a spe­cial prin­ter for this.
If you include your com­pa­ny logo, the­se vou­ch­ers are also an ide­al adver­ti­sing medium.

Regard­less of whe­ther you choo­se a free, paid, or hybrid vari­ant: our fle­xi­ble Wi-Fi access and secu­ri­ty sys­tem enables tail­or-made solu­ti­ons for every hot­spot provider.

Tariffs for paid access

The fol­lo­wing opti­ons are available for paid Inter­net access:

Loca­ti­on tickets

Loca­ti­on tickets offer the most fle­xi­ble tariff design. A varie­ty of brow­sing dura­ti­ons and data volu­mes can be set at almost any pri­ce, and in various currencies.

For cus­to­mers regis­tered with HOTSPLOTS, the­re are time and volu­me-based tariffs with two opti­ons for cost cap­ping. If a user is not alre­a­dy one of our more than 2.2 mil­li­on regis­tered cus­to­mers, they can regis­ter quick­ly online.

Time-based tariffs

Here you can set an hour­ly or dai­ly cycle. You can set pri­ces for your cus­to­mers bet­ween EUR 0.50 and 5.00 for hour­ly bil­ling — this is cal­cu­la­ted on a per-minu­te basis — and bet­ween 2.00 and 10.00 euros per 24 hours or part thereof.

Volu­me-based tariffs

The bil­ling for volu­me-based tariffs is based on the amount of data con­su­med. Here the pri­ce is 1.5 cent per (com­men­ced) megabyte.

Fle­xiFlat (opti­on)

Under this vari­ant, users pay a maxi­mum of EUR 14.95 per calen­dar month, regard­less of sur­fing time or data volu­me. Requi­re­ment: users must be regis­tered with HOTSPLOTS.

Loca­ti­on­Flat (opti­on)

The Loca­ti­on­Flat tariff allows the ope­ra­tor to set a flat-rate fee any­whe­re bet­ween EUR 6.00 and 99.00 per month.

In order to enable Inter­net access, users must regis­ter free of char­ge on the HOTSPLOTS web­site. They can then use this cus­to­mer account to top up their cre­dit (pre­paid). You can also pro­vi­de loca­ti­on tickets, which you can per­so­na­li­se with your logo or an image and sell to your cus­to­mers. The­se loca­ti­on tickets con­tain a user­na­me and pass­word assi­gned by HOTSPLOTS.

Regard­less of the opti­on you choo­se: HOTSPLOTS takes care of ever­y­thing rela­ted to access con­trol, bil­ling, and pro­fit dis­tri­bu­ti­on to you.

Reve­nue share

If you sell loca­ti­on tickets to your cus­to­mers, you recei­ve 60 % of the pro­fits, and 40 % goes to HOTSPLOTS.

Even if cus­to­mers are sur­fing using one of the paid biz-rates via your hot­spot, you also bene­fit. Every time a cus­to­mer acces­ses the Inter­net, your hot­spot sends infor­ma­ti­on to our bil­ling sys­tem to tell it which cus­to­mer is online and for how long. Depen­ding on your cho­sen tariff, we cal­cu­la­te each tran­sac­tion in minu­tes and mega­bytes. HOTSPLOTS auto­ma­ti­cal­ly pays you a lar­ge pro­por­ti­on (up to 60 % of tur­no­ver) of your net sales. You don’t even need to wri­te an invoice: you can sim­ply go to the cus­to­mer area of your account and down­load your state­ments from there.


The HOTSPLOTS FreeRa­te enables you to offer your guests free Inter­net access. The­re are three ways you can offer users free Wi-Fi access:

Access with just two clicks using Direct-Login*

This is the most con­ve­ni­ent form of log­in for new users. End users sim­ply accept the usa­ge con­di­ti­ons on the log­in page. For Direct-Log­ins, time or volu­me limits can optio­nal­ly be set per calen­dar day or per week.

Free tickets

You can crea­te free tickets. To do so, go to the cus­to­mer area on the HOTSPLOTS web­site, add your logo or a dif­fe­rent image to one of the loca­ti­on ticket tem­pla­tes, and print as many as you want using a nor­mal prin­ter. You can then share the­se with your cus­to­mers free of char­ge. Loca­ti­on tickets are auto­ma­ti­cal­ly assi­gned a user­na­me and pass­word. Hand the loca­ti­on tickets out to your guests, who can then log into your Wi-Fi hot­spot using the log­in details provided.

Log­in with HOTSPLOTS account

Users have pre­vious­ly regis­tered on the HOTSPLOTS web­site free of char­ge and ope­ned a user account. They log into the HOTSPLOTS web­site using their log­in details – and you don’t have to do anything.

Cos­ts are fixed in the  HOTSPLOTS Biz pri­ce list. The pri­ce list is valid in the euro­zo­ne count­ries sup­port­ed by HOTSPLOTS.

If you have any ques­ti­ons, plea­se call us on +49 30 29 77 348–84, or email us on vertrieb(at) to recei­ve tail­o­red advice for your location.

*Direct-Log­in access is available in Ger­ma­ny. In other count­ries, the forms of access are part­ly limi­t­ed for legal reasons. Plea­se cont­act our sales department.